About Us

Founded 18 years ago, Leading Edge Consultants (LEC) combines its technology expertise with its extensive business experience, enabling LEC to lead multi-disciplinary projects according to client’s needs.

The backbone of LEC and its’ connection to the young and industrious environment in Israel provide a well-established network of connections with industrial, technological and managerial backgrounds and expertise. LEC is proud of its ability to apply a personal touch and mentoring approach to all clients and their respective needs. This social aspect regarding industrial growth and revitalization is fundamental for LEC and is the key to the success of our clients.

“At LEC, we strive for excellence and emphasize high quality service tailored to our clients’ requirements and unique needs”- Reuven Ulmansky, Managing Partner LEC

The Team

  • Reuven Ulmanksy


    Reuven excels in combining the managerial and engineering world. His background in the field of

  • Asaf Ulmansky

    Managing Partner

    Asaf is the industry and technology data analysis and research guru. His success is based

  • Shani Yona


    Shani specializes in building strategic plans, from placing the fundamentals and analyzing the working forces,

  • Raviv Kerem


    Raviv is a startup enthusiast, keen to learn all he can about new business

  • Laura Rosenfeld


    Laura has always had a passion for startups and gets excited by new

  • Aviv Yonas

    Business analyst
    Aviv specializes on the business applications of Food Technology.
    With a background in History and Philosophy
  • Omri Efroni

    Business analyst

    As a true autodidact, Omri is eager to explore innovative technologies and underdeveloped industries, and

  • Itamar Katz

    Business analyst

    Itamar has a strong sense for industry analysis and identifying key factors